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Media Options

• 50” LED TV sets installed at ideal distance ensuring full coverage of the entire vantage area of the APSRTC Bus stations.
• Non-stop working from 5a.m to 11p.m on 365 days in a year.
• Being introduced at all major stations, first-of-its-kind in India.
• Advertisements will be broadcasted mixed with Bus incoming and outgoing information.
• Additional Audio support with external speakers offering most pleasurable hearing experience to the audience.
• Display of Video Advertisements and Buses incoming and outgoing information with High Definition 50” monitors mounted right in front of the Ticketing, Reservation and Enquiry counters.
• All screens will display the ticketing information of the passenger at the booking counter.
• Apart from the passenger at the counter, the whole population in the long queues and other passing audience will hook their eyes to these electronic medium as long as they remain in the hall.
• The advertisement is aired in a captive and uncluttered ambience.
• Highly cost effective compared to other less popular ad medium like Theatre ads or Hoardings.